Testing CloudFormation

Check CloudFormation

  1. Access to CloudFormation
  • Select the created stack
  • Select Outputs
  • Select S3WebsiteURL

Check CloudFormation

  1. Use your browser to access S3WebsiteURL.

Check CloudFormation

About the website Mythical Mysfits

Mythical Mysfits is a (fictional) pet adoption nonprofit dedicated to helping abandoned and often misunderstood mythical creatures find a forever new family! Mythical Mysfits believe that all creatures deserve a second chance, even if they take their first chance to hide under bridges and rob them of gratuitous acts of helplessness.

Our business has thrived with a single Mysfits adoption center, located inside Devil Tower National Monument. Talk, friends, and join if you visit.

We’ve just had a bunch of new mystics arriving at our doorstep with nowhere else to go! They’re all pretty distraught after not only being evicted from their home… but a grumpy goblin who also denied them all entry to a swamp they used to hide. hide in the past.

That’s why we hired you to be our Full Stack Engineer. We needed a more scalable way to showcase our treasure trove of mysteries and let families adopt them. We want you to build your first Mythical Mysfits adoption website to help introduce these adorable, wondrous, often mischievous creatures to the world!