Microservices with AWS Fargate

Microservices with AWS Fargate

In this lab, we will break the monolith into microservices.

Monolith provides different API resources on other routes to fetch information about Mysfits, like or adopt experiences

The logic of these resources includes some proccess (like making sure that the user is authorized to perform a specific action, that Mysfit is eligible to apply, etc.) with persistence layer (specifically DynamoDB).

Instead of using many different services that interact directly with a database (adding indexes and data migrations is difficult with an application). So do not separate all the logic of the resource into a separate service, but only move the Process logic to a separate service and still use monolith as a premise with the database (ie, do not completely switch from monolith to microservice but only transfer but the complex part).

ALB has another feature called path-based routing , which routes traffic based on URL paths to target groups. This means you will only have single instance of ALB to host your microservices. The monolith service will receive all traffic to the default path ’/’. Adoption and like service will be ’/accept’ and ‘/like’ respectively.

Microservices with AWS Fargate


  1. Create Revision
  2. Update Service
  3. Build Docker Image
  4. Create Task Definition
  5. Create ECS Service